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Our iPad Program officially began in the 2013-14 school year.  Bishop Verot Catholic High School is dedicated to providing students with opportunities for lifelong learning and leadership, teaching skills for college and values for life. To accomplish these goals, devices such as the iPad offer our students many advantages:

  • Ability to differentiate instruction and increase student engagement in a variety of situations;
  • Access to mobile computing power for engaging in the type of high-quality, data-intensive work our society demands;
  • Access to social media so that students are creators of, and not just consumers of, the intellectual conversations of our age;
  • Access to local storage of online books, databases, textbooks and multimedia files so they can carry their studies with them in a variety of engaging formats;
  • A personalized computing device that ensures equitable access as well as options for personal customization, integration and responsibility.
  • Enrichment of the curriculum through the use of digital resources;


As the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) states, the five core technology standards that will best prepare students for the world into which they will enter are:

  • Improving higher-order thinking skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking and creativity
  • Preparing students for their future in a competitive global job market
  • Designing student-centered, project-based and online learning environments
  • Guiding systemic change in our schools to create digital places of learning
  • Inspiring digital age professional models for working, collaborating and decision making


iPad Specifications

  • Incoming freshman students starting with the class of 2017 will be required to lease their iPads through Bishop Verot. The students will have this iPad for all four years at Bishop Verot. Upon graduation, students will own the iPad outright.
  • Students will receive the newest iPad available.  This will be their iPad for all four years. (i.e. Class of 2017—iPad4; Class of 2018—iPad Air, etc)
  • Case, charger and cord provided by the school.  The case must remain on the iPad all four years.  If case is damaged and needs to be replaced, you may do so with the following four options:
    • Case exactly like the original provided by the school
    • Griffin Survivor Military case (Color:  all black)
    • Otterbox Defender case (Color:  all black) (Commuter case not acceptable)
    • LifeProof case  (Color:  all black)
    • Return damaged case to IT after replacing.
  • Bishop Verot will utilize a Mobile Device Management suite installed on each iPad. The MDM suite allows us to register each device on our server, where we can control the settings of the device and apply rules to support our learning environment.
  • Please see Frequently Asked Questions under Technology Tab for more information about our iPad Program.

For more information or if you have questions, contact the Instructional Technology Coordinator at:

Mrs. Shannon Larrea


(239) 274-6722


Bishop Verot Catholic High School is committed to providing our students with the best education possible. Because of the ever changing face of education, students today require different tools and strategies that were not available a decade ago. After months of discussion, testing, and research, Bishop Verot has selected the iPad as the cornerstone of our 1:1 technology program.

To assist you and your family through this transition, we have created a list of frequently asked questions and answer regarding the launch of our iPad program. Throughout the spring and summer we will keep our website up-to-date with information concerning the transition and as always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

  iPad FAQ (PDF)


Click HERE for information on signing up for Summer iPad Orientation (2016).


Canvas is a learning management system which revolutionizes the way teachers and students interface. Canvas allows our teachers to collaborate among peers and students, provide digital feedback  and share educational resources. Students are able to submit homework electronically and participate in multi-class forums.  Login to Canvas here or go to http://bvhs.instructure.com



If you would like to be an Observer in your student(s) classes, please click Here for instructions on setting up your Parent Canvas accountYou must set up your account from a computer, not a mobile device.  The following video tutorials will give an overview of the registration process and a general overview of Canvas.

Video links

(Canvas Overview)


(Parent Registration) 




The following website will direct you to the many Help Guides available for Instructors, Students, and Parents.

Students: For help with Canvas, see the following links:

Teachers: For help with Canvas, see the following links:

Parents: For help with Canvas, see the following link:




  1. Turn off your iPad and turn it back on.
  2. Review video tutorials listed for appropriate guidance. 
  3. Delete and reinstall trouble apps.
  4. Double check your AppleID is correct.
  5. Contact Mrs. Larrea at Shannon.Larrea@BVHS.org

Book Help?  See these Instructions for help downloading your PDF textbooks. Book Download Instructions (PDF)

Lost iPad?  Follow these steps:

1. Go to www.iCloud.com, login with your AppleID and choose Find my iPhone. 

2. In the top middle of the screen, click on drop down menu and choose your iPad. 

3. You can locate device, but more importantly, send a sound to the device. You can also put a message on screen to turn in to your      location or Mrs. Larrea's office.  

4. Check with front office or iPad office to see if it has been turned in there.

5.  If you cannot access another device to do this, please see Mrs. Larrea as soon as possible.  

6.  Follow these steps as soon as you realize your iPad is missing.  Waiting could mean the battery discharging and NOT being able to locate it. 


See the following document for updated rules and policies regarding iPad use at Bishop Verot Catholic High School.

iPad Student Technology Agreement 2015-2016.PDF

Please click here for important information regarding the iPad and the summer policy. 


The following apps are banned on any school iPad:

•Snapchat                                •Instagram and related apps                             •Crossy Road              

•Kik Messenger                        •Dream League Soccer                                     •Head Soccer

•Clash of Clans                        •First Touch Soccer                                           •NFL Pro

•Boom Beach                           •NBA2K15                                                        •8 Ball Pool

•Flappy games of any type        •Asphalt 8                                                         •Top Gear

•Madden football                       •CSR Racing                                                     •Text Now

•Text Me!                                 •TextPlus                                                          •Game of War

•Fifa soccer                              •Minecraft                                                         Agar.io

Smashy Road                         BloonTD Battles

• All games with violence including but not limited to sniper and war games.

**All Messaging/Social Media Apps are banned during the school year. iMessage will be restored during the summer.